A Distributed Lemmatizer for Historical Dutch, version 1.0

This is the official home page of the Adelheid tagger-lemmatizer system. It was developed originally by Hans van Halteren on the basis on the POS-tagged corpus van Reenen-Mulder. Subsequently it was made publicly available through the Clarin infrastructure during the NWO-sponsored Clarin-NL project Adelheid.

On this page you will find links to the system, useful files, and news about the status of the system.

The Adelheid System

Here are links to the system components. Please read the manual (see links below) before use.


And here are links to manual and example files.


Adelheid has been officially released (Version 1.0). Both the tagger-lemmatizer are accessible through the Clarin infrastructure.

The links to the system have recently been changed. The links above are correct, but the manuals still need to be updated.